Passion Dzenga

Passion Dzenga – Creative

My name is Passion, and I always found it hard to call myself an artist, because I don’t really consider what I do to be art, so I consider myself a creative. Anything that I like, I work out ways to do it and then work out to make it my own. So you can […]

No 9-to-5 stories

In this personal project, I will share stories of those who blend their passions with work, choosing something that is out of your ordinary 9-to-5 office job. They find a path of their own, spending their days and nights creating, they are bold and curious, they break traditional patterns and craft a new type of culture. This […]

I’m Alina

I create brand concepts and digital experiences through writing, photography, video, culture and art. “The soul wants what the soul wants, not anyone else’s’ agenda, nor the ones you think you should be listening to, or the path you ought to be following. Just the perfect path of your authentic self.”  Say hello@alinasosnina.com Editor’s note “They […]