I’m a child of digital generation, I create concepts and digital experiences through writing, photography, video and art.

“The soul wants what the soul wants, not anyone else’s’ agenda, nor the ones you think you should be listening to, or the path you ought to be following. Just the perfect path of your authentic self.” 

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Editor’s note

“They told me I couldn’t be creative, but it didn’t stop me to become one.”


When I was a kid I used to illustrate Sanrio-inspired characters in Paint Shop Pro. It was early 2000’s, we had a Windows XP with dial-up internet access, which meant limited online time. I was crazy about the digital world, and spent all the possible hours browsing on design websites and blogs. I remember my mom counting till three, pulling out the computer cable and telling me to go to bed. In her eyes design and art were just a hobby and you couldn’t really make a living out of it.

My parents wanted me to follow a traditionally successful career path, so after high-school I started studying International Business and Management, with focus on marketing, branding and communications. At home I was writing, learning photography and experimenting with different design tools. I figured out that even if I am not studying art, I could still do it anyway. Little did I know that the skills I learned in business school, would help me to better understand my creative self.

Living in Amsterdam I found myself surrounded by like-minded people. Guess subconsciously I was attracted to them. Those bicultural identities intrigued me, the fact that they were so similar to me, but yet so different. Alternative and always doing their own creative thing, they got me inspired to give them a little space on the internet to showcase how talented they are, what motivates them and the road it took to get here.

This is a series of stories about the culture, work and life of young creatives.

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