I was hoping we could talk
And if words were enough

I didn’t have to say twice
That temporary doesn’t serve me

I don’t do half
I love whole


Where shall I begin
Or where should I end

The conversations
We supposed to vibe on?

All while you stay
Unapologetically silent


We seem to give so much care and attention
To those who are not consistent

A paradox, that I can’t define

Falling for how uncertainty feels like
While craving for one’s mind

Infatuations that are constantly fading
And in some way make us blind

While the hourglass is running empty
We are proving to be worth the time

Knowing that it’s aimless
Still wanting to be kind

This time

Lover, you don’t know me
You don’t know anything about me.

Yet you’re here

Touching me like I’m yours
Giving me chills like you’re mine
Holding me as if you feel you’ll lose me

Tomorrow, it’ll all disappear, this time
And tomorrow I’ll be mine again

When you’ll gently say goodbye
Leaving with a piece of my soul in your mind

And I wonder why, I keep on letting you in
For as I know, it’s not my soul you want
You just want this time

And my soul
Through time,

Is tired
Of this time.

To my moonchild

You never asked me questions,
Or craved for answers.

I was the one holding the conversation,
With myself, mainly.

And you were in the company of your own mind.

Rarely available
And mostly unbothered.
But always attractive.

I am drawn to you.
Attracted by the unknown.

And while the moon was endlessly rotating,
I stayed with you,

While you stayed with her.


Sometimes I wonder, why to be, in this hazy road to nowhere.
Why fight the waves of sorrow, the destiny that chosen you?

But there is love, so deep, you sink
And meet yourself in dreams, forgotten.
Forgotten sense of time, the ease to live, for love, for him.

The longing to neglect the flaws,
And when you do, there’s no return

You lose yourself so deep,
You lose yourself to trouble.

To find those moments, that fulfil
And give you reasons to survive,

If only for that moment.


It’s hazy, jazz is playing.
I’m puzzling with words, holding a cigarette, hesitantly looking at it.

Lights of the streets are inviting me out, I’m in awe.
‘Kill your darlings’ they say, and that’s what I do.

Timeless is how this feels, I have no sense of time.
Yet it seems like the whole world around me is hurrying to smooth the realness they are in.

My eyes can’t help but gaze at your sight, for I know, I shouldn’t.

Waves can have unexpected turns, sink in it and float again.
Taste the salt on your skin and rush into the warmth you’re longing for.

It’s so close.

Love letters

Warm summer nights, starry sky, salty hair.
As I looked at the ocean, I was wondering

How can I be so shy next to him, it feels like im 17 again
Energy so strong, pulling me to his surroundings like a magnet.

And I want to stay in this moment, feel chemistry
So rare.

Take me to that place again, literally, figuratively
You got me.

Imagining your lips close to mine,
That rush going through my skin as we touch

Want to say so much, but you got me speechless

So this lover letter is to you my love,
I’ve been searching some place else,

While you always been right here,
Next to me.